Monday, January 19, 2009

Satire on Digital TV Transition

To delay the Federal Communication Commission’s Digital TV transition mandate is very plausible--considering the financial mess that congress and the administration has generated. And yet such delay is just another example of an unbelievable lapse in government wisdom. Most of the “Great Unwashed” will simply put off those personal steps necessary to make an in-house DTV transition--for a period equal to any proposed delay. And to heck with those dumb little government converter coupons. Just send everyone another government check--call it a “converter stimulus check”. Funding might well be cut from the just authorized--$350 Billion Bush Administration’s Troubled Asset Relief Program. Or perhaps some of the forthcoming $825 Billion Obama 2009 Stimulus Package could be used to buy free converters for everyone. A billion here--or a billion there--that is just chicken feed. And DTV converters should be purchased only from American firms--that is if any could be found. And when an American converter firm is not found, use some more of those federal funds to build a factory. Think of it! An instant domestic high tech job creation program building DTV converters, a mandated emphasis to “Buy American” might be placed on components for DTV converter manufacturing, and all while rejuvenating a domestic electronics industry we let slip through our hands decades ago. Then the responsible people who have properly prepared for DTV transition could join hands...while singing “Kumbayah”. Together, we shall hold high hopes that recipients of converter stimulus checks spend the free cash on Digital TV Converters--rather than Coors. That free federal money worked so well for our economy last time. Now this is a government take over of personal responsibility at its finest!

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