Monday, April 13, 2009

Support Governor Paterson's Job Cuts

My fifty years experience in both public and private employment has convinced me that nearly any company, firm, or agency can reduce their workforce by at least ten percent without significantly impacting productivity or services. Force reduction by targeted layoffs of unproductive workers or unnecessary programs can actually increase the aggregate organizational productivity. I refer to programs where the original mandate is essentially met, or cases where programs have no "sunset" stipulation. Programs without sunset will typically seek survival by finding an expanded purpose...a mode that fosters classic government waste. Closing certain correctional facilities housing non-violent "offenders" is just one example of a logical place to cut programs. I support Governor Paterson’s plan to cut state jobs by 9,000––and indeed would even encourage a deeper reduction.

Note that I’m retired from both private and public employment…and a current member of New York State PEF Retiree organization. I DO NOT support public union activity to retain unnecessary employees or unnecessary programs.

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