Friday, July 10, 2009

A Few Days Following Independence Day...

Following the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a lady bystander asked Doctor Benjamin Franklin what form of government we have. Doctor Franklin replied “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.” And the question today… Just how many contemporary U.S. Citizens are concerned about the present state of our republic?

It is indisputable that many U.S. Citizens and current U.S. legal voters do not comprehend the fundamental fact that our federal government is not a democracy. Our United States federal government is a republic––and it always has been. The Founding Father’s republic has evolved into an “unequal representative democracy”––a liberal-republic that presents citizens with many stunning examples of a strongly skewed representative-democracy. Voter fraud in American elections has certainly always existed at some level. But a real problem exists when federal-government-funded fraud by such left-of-center “community action groups” like ACORN generally support only Democrat candidates and actively backed the Obama presidential candidacy last year using federal tax dollars. Name one Republican elected official that the “non-political” ACORN supported. ACORN’s action is clearly government-funded cheating masquerading as simple community outreach. A few corrupt votes can tilt an election…and the entire direction of our county. Look no further than the last Minnesota U.S. Senate race for confirmation. The state of this new republic, without substantive checks-and-balances, is precisely what Dr. Franklin and his Constitutional Convention contemporaries feared most about the equality in representative-democracy. Too much power––almost dictatorial in KINGLY nature––centralized in federal government. The influence held by a single vote varies significantly and unequally across America by geographic location. Progressive politicians and political scientist may argue the semantics of statements written here. By carefully parsing public comment with half-truth, these liberal-progressives confound and blur federal government activity using misleading jargon and fancy political techno-speak. Clearly, their purpose will overwhelm common citizens––Middle Americans––and cause many concerned loyal citizens to simply tune-out. This has happened in many Middle American homes.

Fair-minded liberal Democrats must surely acknowledge that the Chicago Political Machine is both ethically challenged and flatly corrupt in many cases. And the current president is a product of this Chicago Political Machine, a man who “earned his stripes” in the trenches of a Chicago political quagmire. Yet somehow the stench of Chicago politics has not followed the new president to the White House. The new vice president earned his bones in the U.S. Senate, representing the small population of Delaware (45th of 50 in population). Few could rationally argue that Mr. Biden would be Vice President without the prior support of a plurality of Delaware’s relatively tiny population. Mr. Biden’s documented ethical indiscretions were first discovered in the 1960’s, during his first year at Syracuse Law School. There he was cited for plagiarism, summarily flunked-out of a required law school course, and subjected to a dismissal review by Syracuse faculty. As U.S. Senator, Mr. Biden has also been cited in several instances for using materials from other’s speeches without attribution––both acts of technical plagiarism and blatant dishonesty. Liberal Biden defenders––please tell us with a straight face––that our current VP has no trouble with honesty and truth. The present Speaker-of-the-House of Representatives is in reality only one of 435 elected US Representatives, sent to Washington by the people of San Francisco, California’s 8th Congressional District. It can be rationally argued that San Francisco’s congressional district is likely the single most left-wing-liberal congressional seat in the United States. It can’t be creditably stated that the current Speaker’s aggregate political stance in any way represents Middle American political thought. Further, the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate hails from the lightly populated state of Nevada, a state with considerably less than one percent of total U.S. Population. Senators are supposed to represent their state, and in this Senator Reid may do an adequate job. But Senator Reid too––with his frequent leftist flip-flops and public political gaffs (like his inept April 2007 "This war is lost." comment) ––in very few ways represent current Middle American political opinion.

For goodness sake, take some time and read or re-read America's founding documents--The United States Declaration Of Independence and The United States Constitution. A clear and present leadership crisis exists in contemporary American federal government, a dangerous collage of non-representative liberal-leftist-activist. While Benjamin Franklin and his colleagues left unwritten a constitutionally mandated one-man-one-vote equality concept, their exquisite production does specify explicit constitutional principles embodied by a truly representative republican form of government. The Framers collective objective was that equal representation is both vital and necessary in a successful republic. Federal liberal activism has slowly and steadily become the Washington norm…and our current crop of federal politicians are surely poised and ready to consume the principles of Dr. Franklin’s republic.

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