Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Followup Letter to Congressman Arcuri

Dear Representative Mike Arcuri:

Just a quick note to say thanks.
Your honorable commitment to vote NO on the US Senate bill on health-care was a bold act in the face of what appears to have been very strong pressure from your political party leadership. I must admit to being pleasantly surprised by your action, and I now hold a new view of Mike Arcuri… a man of his word. You publicly stated your intention to vote against the U.S. Senate “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (PPACA) more than two weeks before the actual vote, citing various problems in that legislation. Your solid position regarding a more incremental approach to national health-care reform is a far more sound approach to health care.

I've read most of the "Utica Observer-Dispatch letters-to-the-editor" regarding your vote on health-care -- some being very negative. And what I read is little more than the typical "progressive" whining by a vocal minority. But as a Libertarian (and registered Republican), I'll be giving Mike Arcuri a second look in November. Thank you again for your statement on the direction of national heath-care reform, and for that great "profile-in-courage" example.


DJ Paul
Mohawk, NY

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