Friday, March 5, 2010

Open Letter To Congressman Mike Arcuri

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Dear Congressman Mike Arcuri:

Yes, the health care bill has been read. I strongly urge your no vote on current attempts by House leadership to rubber stamp the U.S. Senate version of the health care bill (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – aka PPACA). I’ll cite just a few serious issues with the senate bill:

1. The bill’s $871 billion cost is false and grossly understated for many reasons. The necessary quarter trillion dollar Medicare “doctor fix” – clearly part of any health care reform – was striped from the related bills very early in the legislative process. Those quarter trillion dollars will be simply added to the deficit under present direction. This is an obvious under handed legislative maneuver to bring health care proposals under a phony one trillion dollar target. Further, the proposed half trillion-dollar cut to Medicare is allegedly arrived at mainly through waste, fraud & abuse detection and enforcement. This is a dream that simply does not work in large state & federal programs. Simply look at the USPS, the Social Security System, and large regulatory agencies (e.g., HEW, EPA, etc.). I challenge you to cite one federal program where “savings” of that magnitude are realized via waste, fraud and abuse action.

2. The kickbacks afforded to senators from Louisiana and Nebraska – to plainly buy their health care yes votes – coupled with the obvious White House back room political dealing is unconscionable. Ask yourself, what is it in PPACA that made necessary those special deals for Louisiana and Nebraska? According to Mayor Bloomberg and the Governor, New York State taxpayers will be negatively impacted annually by billions of dollars in lost federal Medicaid support without similar PPACA provisions for New York State. Please focus on paragraphs 3 - 6 of this link ( click here ) citing the problems PPACA hoists on New York State.

3. Please refer to PPACA pages 2069 – 2078. Obviously, the language relating to provisions for federal support of “reproductive services” includes federal subsidies for abortion. How does a practicing Roman Catholic Christian vote for this bill? Please refer to the official policy statements of the Church from the Pope and the legitimate Catholic clergy for guidance.

4. The entire health care debate over this past year has been strongly unseemly. What is it that Democrat politicians find objectionable with federal legalization of authority to purchase private health care insurance across state lines? More health care insurance choices will naturally drive down private insurance costs through free enterprise competition. And what is it the congress finds objectionable with meaningful -- non-pilot -- health care tort reform? Skyrocketing malpractice insurance expense and preposterous court judgments that cost good medical professionals (and their malpractice insurers) too much are a real and present problem. As a simple self defense mechanism, rational hospital administrators and doctors are logically required to order patient medical tests far beyond those required. Last year Bassett Hospital Healthcare billed lab tests to Medicare totaling about $700.00 following my annual physical. My Primary Care Provider ordered these tests as part of a physical, my first annual physical under Medicare. I was not aware that these self-defense tests were conducted until the after the bill was received. Thank God, I’m a healthy man. What is Medicare billed for similar self defense tests conducted during an unhealthy person’s Medicare-backed annual physical? Any true health care reform must include tort reform provisions to better control unnecessary self-defense laboratory testing by medical professionals.

Thanks for your attention.


David J Paul

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Congressman Arcuri's votes with both Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and with the admonished and allegedly corrupt Congressman Charles Rangle 95% of the time.
NY-24 voters should be concerned that Mr. Arcuri’s heath care vote will be in lock step with his Democrat leadership. Please communicate with Mr. Arcuri to encourage his independence.

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