Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Open Letter to Nation Fooball League Commissioner Roger Goodell

Dear Commissioner Roger Goodell:

Please take immediate and direct charge of the folks chosen to perform America's National Anthem during what is the single most important day in American sports. For goodness sake – many citizens of the world are watching this important American sports event. I won't honor or publicize the lady by looking up the spelling of her name... but the performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl 45 was simply without merit, embarrassing and downright disgusting. Singing our National Anthem is NOT an audition opportunity for some want-to-be singer. Mr. Goodell, you simply must get involved in the selection process for this important opening ceremony experience. You obviously cannot and should not allow others to select future performers of our nation's precious National Anthem. Someone connected with the NFL understands how to properly initiate the Super Bowl with style and respect it so richly deserves… since it has been done before. Please review this instructive link:

If this performance doesn’t send chills up your spine -– rush to have someone check your pulse!

Respectfully, I strongly suggest you invite a vocalist – or even the entire choir – from one or more of the official United States Armed Service Choirs to deliver the National Anthem in the appropriate manner. You should direct and mandate such change so no future unpatriotic performance is ever delivered during Super Bowl Opening Ceremonies. This will assure that the National Anthem is performed as written and in the manner intended.

Thank you very much.

DJ Paul

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