Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fly The American Flag Today

Of course this day of remembrance is not for us the living, but rather to honor those departed souls whose lives were swiftly taken from them on that horrible day. Who really knows what the exact mindset of those who planned and executed the September Eleventh attack? Many of us understand this depraved act was based in the teaching of a radical and bloodthirsty religion. And many of us wonder too why some Americans refuse to understand this fundamental truth. Will we ever know the true impact of those September 11, 2001 cowardly acts? I think not.

But we can spend some significant time today thinking and remembering those thousands of sufferings generated by those murderous acts.  Here in upstate New York it is again a beautiful day––a day that began very much like that awful day began. Our thoughts may flash back in remembrances of those nearly three thousand innocent people who were outright murdered by a vile act of senseless muslin terrorism. And we shall perhaps never know just how many other lives have been forever tainted by this act of religious terrorism. We may think of the families of those murdered, or our courageous first responders who suffered both physical and emotional sickness directly related to their capable rescue assistance. Or we could ponder that vast majority of Americans who feel such a deep emptiness in our collective sad loss today.

Let us today just reverently and respectfully meditate––and remember those many lost victims who were so needlessly murdered on this dreadful anniversary. Today we might internally speak to our God, as we proudly fly our American Flag at half-staff in collective remembrance of those many terribly lost souls.