Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Can You ID These Images?

An interesting observation discovered during our ongoing genealogical research:

One of these images is Native American Tribal Leader Crazy Horse [on left], another is Holy Man and Tribal Leader Sitting Bull [on right], and a third here in center is our French-Canadian born Great Great Grandma Suzanne "Suzzie" Wagner (LaLonde) Ouellet. Note the similarity. Often wondered about those early 17th century Frenchman settlers of the lands called "New France."  

No French ladies were brought along on the ships that carried those brave few Seventeenth Century men who first came to colonize the new world "New France" for the King of France. It took some time before France sent the first boat load of female French settlers called "The King's Daughters" -- so named because these intrepid young ladies were orphans under the protection of the French King. These women being articulate and well educated young ladies -- orphans who were raised by the Nuns in Catholic Orphan Homes as financed by the French King.

And so our early ancestors simply did without female company for the many months before French ladies arrived? Our French ancestors were each pure as the northern driven snows... no history of messing around with North American Native ladies in our early French ancestry! Right, there is a nice old bridge in Brooklyn, NY that remains on sale for those who might believe that bit of wishful Christian historical thinking.

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