Monday, December 2, 2013

They Are Here In Upstate New York


A pair of eyes and faint outline appear.  Yes, they are here. The presence of many types of wild animals, of both small and big game have been documented living on our property. And some fifty different species of birds (A/K/A: living dinosaurs) have been observed and identified. By tradition, Terri's employer passes out free turkeys to each company employee a couple days before Thanksgiving. It has been our practice over the past years to put our unwanted turkey remains out on the lawn as offerings to local wildlife on Thanksgiving Eve. Typically our resident vixen will stop by over a day or two to polish off gobbler remains, with the able assistance in daylight hours by our resident American Crow population. "Roxy" the resident vixen and Moe, Larry & Curly -- our ever present American Crows -- are welcome guests here. They provide us some visual humor from time-to-time... with a great side benefit in keeping the area rodent population down to manageable proportions.

My wildlife camera caught these shots of an unusual visitor early Friday Morning, 11/29/2013. Yes, an Eastern Coyote stopped by and finished off the turkey remains. A couple of years ago we observed a large coyote or small wolf loping along our northern tree line. And this year we saw a young coyote hunting in our front lawn. Interesting -- maybe this early morning visitor last Friday is that grownup pup... don't know.

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