Saturday, September 17, 2016

Battle of Antietam

On the 155th Anniversary of the Bloodiest Single Day in American military history -- September 17, 1862 -- please take a few moments to view this interesting web site:

Click -- Antietam Battlefield--by Civil War Trust

Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Strange Finding At The Cemetery

Yesterday, took a short trip to Armory Hill Cemetery, Ilion, NY, to look for the grave-site of our First Cousin-1xRemoved “Bub” Hyde (my Grandma Edna Seney Ouellet and Bub's mom Lillian Seney Hyde are full-sisters). Not too hard to find Bub and his wife Marie, they are interred perhaps 80 feet from my parents Steve and Lillian Ouellet Paul. Find-A-Grave profiles have been created to honor Bub and Marie (click: "Hyde" ).

Then a strange thing happened when visiting my parents grave-site, a fact that has not been noted in my many past parental visits–strange this was not noted previously. Facing mom and dad's monument, to the left side maybe twenty feet away is the Ludden Family Plot, and in this plot along with her parents is the monument of Linda L. Ludden (died 2000). And then to the right side about another twenty feet away is the Cormia Family Plot, with grave-site of H. Thomas Cormia (died 1990), interred there with his parents and brother Jim.

Some might say what's the big deal here, there are so many thousands of souls interred at Armory Hill Cemetery. This is true, but just twenty feet to the left and twenty feet to the right of my parent's grave-site, rest two of my fellow graduates--Class of 1961--Ilion Senior High School, Ms. Linda Ludden and Mr. Tom Cormia. Find-A-Grave profiles are created to honor the lives of Linda (click: "Lyn" ) and Tom (click: "Tom" ) and profiles for their respective families.  Rather unsettling indeed for me, a finding that tends to put all things in a previously unknown and weird prospective.