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A Branch In Captain George Denison's Family Tree

A Typical 1645 English Cavalry Trooper 

Lineage: Denison Family of German Flatts and Dennison Corners, NY
Researched by genealogist DJ Paul of German Flatts, Herkimer County, NY

This report relates to a finding made in an early April 2016 trip to Mohawk Cemetery, Mohawk, German Flatts, Herkimer County, NY, USA. Visitation purpose was to locate and photo about fifteen+ outstanding requests for monument images from several other Find-A-Grave contributors. The older cemetery section was walked at least three times reading each monument. Imagine the surprise when finding Eveline “Eve” Klock's monument situated about center on the right-side plateau, in the older upper cemetery grounds bordering on Columbia Street (a/k/a: NYS Rt 28). Eve's husband is one Stanton Denison (d.1861). Our family descends from two original early British Colonial America southeast Connecticut settlers Mr. Thomas Stanton Sr. and Captain George Denison. Mr. Stanton Denison (d.1861) bears these two colonial surnames... seems he has got to be a previously unknown distant cousin. So a new family genealogy research project commenced... the draft results as cited in this report, page 2 are what I believe to be the correct lineage of this new found Denison Family branch who lived and died in the community of German Flatts, Herkimer County, NY, USA.

The small unincorporated hamlet of Dennison Corners is located less than 4 miles south from the village of Mohawk, German Flatts, Herkimer County, NY, on New York State Route 28  – don't blink, the hamlet will be missed. Presently unknown is where the second “N” in Dennison Corners originated, since my research shows each member in this all-male branch used the conventional Denison surname spelling. Might seem sexist to some, but personal experience has shown such name variations are sometimes sourced to the non-blood related spouse of a deceased male lineage member – perhaps done under a more stylish rationale. The signage at Dennison Corners Cemetery and on NYS Route 28 both use the “double N” surname version, this is probably why our family connection went unknown for these two years past that we have known about our Denison Family ancestors. Dennison Corners Cemetery is located on the left side of Robinson Road about 1500 feet from the junction with NYS Rt 28, south from Mohawk, NY. It appears the first Denison resident of Dennison Corners lands is George Denison Jr. (1746 – 1831), the son of George Denison Sr. (d.1777, New London County, CT, USA). This George Jr. (d.1831) appears to be my immediate family's 2nd cousin-8xRemoved, he a pioneer who likely removed his family from New London County, Connecticut to German Flatts Township, Herkimer County, NY in about 1795. See Find A Grave at the following link: Click George Jr. HERE

The draft lineage cited here is a work-in-progress on subject Denison Family branch showing lineage from Samuel B. Denison (d.1984) to distant bold grandfather Captain George Denison (d.1694, Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, British Colonial America). Per Samuel's obituary published in The Observer-Dispatch, Utica, NY, January 11, 1984, "...He is survived by a son, John, Pittsford, N.Y.; three daughters, Mrs. James (Renee) Baker, Delphi Falls, Mrs. Robert (Nancy) Brothers, Herkimer, Mrs. Cynthia Krowicki, Mohawk." Not known if any children in this lineage presently survive, but more research will be done to identify this possibility. This all-male lineage may be interesting to some family DNA research genealogists. Of further interest to family genealogists is the additional common ancestry to Hartford, CT and Stonington, CT founder Mr. Thomas Stanton Sr. (d.1677) via his granddaughter Dorothy Stanton (d.1737), she the wife of Captain Robert Denison (d.1737).  Captain Robert Denison (d.1737) is the fond grandson of our good distant grandfather Captain George Denison (d.1694).

For more on the gallant Captain George Denison (d.1694), click Captain George

Dave “DJ” Paul
German Flatts, NY
12 Oct 2016

The Denison Family of German Flatts...
Page 2

Captain George Denison (1620 – 1694),
and his wife Ms. Ann Borodell (1615 – 1712)
son of Deacon William Denison (d.1653) and Margaret Chandler (d.1645)
parents of Captain John Borodell Denison (d.1698)

Captain John Borodell Denison (1646 – 1698) and Phebe Lay (1650 - 1699)
eldest son of Captain George Denison (d.1694)
parents of Captain Robert Denison (d.1737)

Captain Robert Denison (1673 – 1737) and Dorothy Stanton (1681 - 1737)
son of Captain John Borodell Denison (d.1698)
parents of George Denison Sr. (d.1777)

George Denison Sr. (1717 – 1777) and Hannah Dodge (1722 - 1766)
son of Captain Robert Denison (d.1737)
father of George Denison Jr. (d.1849/50)
George Sr.'s death reported by Internet research at New London County, CT, USA; internment site not known, likely at New London County, CT, USA.

George Denison Jr. (1749/50 – 1831) and Margaret Denison [unknown maiden name] (1745 – 1808)
son of George Denison Sr. (d.1777)
father of Stanton Denison Sr. (d.1849-50)
Margaret (d.1808) is the presumed first wife of George Jr. (d.1831); m. presumed in New London County, CT about 1767; her internment is at Dennison Corners Cemetery, Dennison Corners, German Flatts, Herkimer County, NY.
See Find A Grave at the following link: Click:  HERE

Stanton Denison Sr. (1774 – 1846) and Sarah “Sally” Brown (1783 - 1854)
son of George Denison Jr. (d.1777)
father of Stanton Denison Jr. (d.1861)
See Find A Grave at the following link: Click HERE 

Stanton Denison Jr. (1809 – 1861) and Eveline “Eve” Klock (1810 - 1879)
son of Stanton Denison Sr. (d.1846)
father of Samuel Denison (d.1926)
See Find A Grave at the following link: Click HERE

Samuel Denison (1847 – 1926) and Alvira Doxtater (1849 – 1918)
son of Stanton Denison Jr. (d.1861)
father of Burton A. Denison (d.1944)
See Find A Grave at the following link: Click HERE

Burton A. Denison (1878 – 1944) and Grace C. Arthur (1876 – 1956)
son of Samuel Denison (d.1926)
father of Samuel B. Denison (d.1984)
See Find A Grave at the following link: Click HERE

Samuel B. Denison (1908 – 1984) and Margaret F. Shields (1909 – 1982)
son of Burton A. Denison (d.1944)
See Find A Grave at the following link: Click HERE

It's becoming increasingly clear there is another George Denison whose lifespan basically mirrors George Denison Jr. (1749/50 - 1831) cited in above chart, this different man... a second Mr. George Denison was born in Stonington, New London County, CT about 1746, and who removed to Madison County, NY State sometime after 1800. The new George Denison married Ms. Bethia Crandall (1748-1821), they have at least 7 kids, and he (a Rev War Vet) died in Jun 1833, interred at Brookfield Rural Cemetery, Brookfield, Madison County, NY with his wife (et al). See Find A Grave Memorial# 21029966: Click link: Another George Denison

Limited research subscribers at -- “the clickers” have partially or fully merged the two George Denison men in various Family Trees. I've attempted to work with these “Ancestry clickers” in the past, but researchers typically would have better results communicating with a blank wall. Won't waste more time on "clicker" corrective endeavors.

Research shows this newfound George Denison (d.1833) is the son of Joseph and Lucy (Chesebrough) Denison of New London County, CT. Here are some details relating to our 3rd cousin 8xRemoved George Denison (d.1833), hereafter addressed as George Denison I.

George Denison I is a great-great grandson of Mystic, CT founder, the gallant Captain George Denison, this good Captain is the original owner of the property at 120 Pequotsepos Road, Mystic, CT 06355.
The following article was compiled and arranged by Daniel Spencer Denison of Albany, NY. Daniel Spencer is main author, using several notes from microfilm of three handwritten volumes donated by Charles B. Moore of Glens Falls, NY.
Subject: Denison, George, 1746-1833:
Chiefly, a history and record of descendants of George Denison I, who was born on May 17, 1746 at Stonington, New London County, Connecticut. George is the son of Joseph Denison and Lucy (Chesebrough) Denison. On January 1, 1766, George married Bethiah Crandall. Bethiah is daughter of Joseph and Edith (Hiscox) Crandall of Westerly, Washington County, Rhode Island. George and Bethiah had ten children. George was a Connecticut Continential soldier who was drafted out of Captain Ichabode Brown's Company in the town of Stonington, Connecticut for nine months, and was mustered, with about seventy men, at New London, North Parish. Then they were marched to the Highlands in New York, under Captain Chapman, and arriving at West Point, they received arms, and then mustered into Captain William Richard's Company, and was put under drill for a month, when they joined Colonel Sherman's Regiment. This regiment was then sent to Verplaucks Point, where he was taken sick and sent to the New Windsor Hospital, where he remained about three months. George was then sent back to West Point, and joined his regiment. He was detached with others, and served one month, from West Point to Robinson's Farm to guard General McDougall, who was placed under arrest. He was detached to get cord wood for the Officer's Winter Quarters, that in the month of December, having served his full term of nine months, he was given a discharge signed by General Huntington. He was in no battles. George Denison died June 3, 1833 at the age of 87. Descendants lived in New York, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Iowa and elsewhere.

Lineage from Captain George Denison (d.1694) to George Denison I (d.1833).

Captain George Denison (1620 – 1694)
son of William Denison (d.1654)
father of George Denison Jr. (d.1711)

George Denison Jr. (1653 – 1711)
son of Captain George Denison (d.1694)
father of George Denison III (d.1736)

George Denison III (1699 – 1736)
son of George Denison Jr. (d.1711)
father of Joseph Denison (d.1760)

Joseph Denison (1723 - 1760)
son of George Denison III (d.1736)
father of George Denison I (d.1833)

George Denison I (1746 – 1833)
son of Joseph Denison (d.1760)
the great-great grandson of Captain George Denison (d.1694) 

P.S.  This post is a request for added primary source information relating to individuals cited in this lineage chart.  Your fine assistance is respectfully requested.  Thank you.   djp


  1. Email received from John Denison:

    From: john denison
    Sent: Saturday, October 29, 2016 5:28 PM
    Subject: Denison Family History

    Dear DJ:

    I am the John Denison you mentioned in your blog posted October 12, 2016. My daughter, who is much involved in family history, discovered it while I was visiting her in Portland, OR last week. I have lineage information which you may find interesting, but I don't want to invest a lot of time and effort pulling it together until I know I have contacted you. There may be an easier way of communicating, but I am technologically semi-literate (a Luddite, if you will). For that I apologize.

    Once we establish the lines of communication, I will gladly fill you in on the continuing Denison lineage to our illustrious forebear, Capt. George Denison.

    Thanks, and Best Regards,

    P.S. My dad, Samuel B. Denison, had a very good friend named Lawrence Paul, who was his football, basketball and baseball teammate at Mohawk High School in the mid-1920s. When I was a youngster "Pauly" ran a gas station on the curve between Mohawk and Herkimer. Any relation?

  2. Comment from DJ: Further communication with this John Denison (b.1942; a/k/a John Francis Denison) has a son Tyler John Denison (b.1979) and grandson Spencer Thomas John Denison (b.2014). So the Denison lineage continues.

    dj of german flatts