Saturday, January 21, 2017

Just how much of a donkey's behind can
Chucky Schumer be anyway?

Charles E. "Chuck" Schumer, 
the liberal Democrat U.S. Senator from New York.

Chuck Schumer's rambling words could make any self-respecting donkey regurgitate.  Wondering if anyone else noted the grand irony exposed in Schumer's bit part at President Trump's First Inauguration Ceremony by invoking words in the private letter of Major Sullivan Ballou, late of the 2nd Infantry Regiment of Rhode Island Volunteers, as Major Ballou wrote his beloved wife Sarah. The hero Major Ballou was mortally-wounded-in-action on July 21, 1861 a few days after penning his heartfelt and patriotic personal letter, a casualty during the American Civil War First Battle of Bull Run (a/k/a the Battle of First Manassas).

Like many liberal Democrats during the American Civil War years, those period low-life seditious war-resistor northern Democrats forever properly labeled "Copperheads" wanted the union restored to pre-war status under historic slavery rights.  Seems liberalism and slavery comport as well then as now.  Charles Schumer's liberal political bent agrees well with Civil War era liberal Democrats -- The Copperheads.

Leftist Copperheads encouraged Union soldier desertions, formed conspiracies, took blood money from southern loyalist sympathizers, and openly resisted the draft -- collectively, these acts should have led to sedition convictions.  Mr. Schumer's liberal political views would almost certainly be rejected by the war hero Major Sullivan Ballou. This leftist New York senator is now and most certainly would have been unfit to wipe the sweat from the patriot Major Sullivan Ballou's brow.


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