Monday, May 1, 2017

** Yes, I'm a baseball fan! **

I watch a lot of Major League Baseball Network, Channel 213 on DirecTv Satellite HDTV provider. But recently, viewers can't get away from the frequent Viagra “single pack” commercials on baseball's Channel 213. That one particularly annoying commercial featuring an experienced, blue dress clad, smiling 40+ish female who touts the Viagra product aimed at those wanting to watch a baseball game and who -- I guess -- are apparently simultaneously troubled with ED.  My gosh... you're making my hair hurt with these way too often spot commercials.

It is strongly suspected the pretty smile on that handsome gal's face is there because she actually is the happy neighborhood widow who lives a few doors down from the grateful Viagra user's home.  He being an obvious billiards fan.

NEWSFLASH to Viagra:  that ED guy this gal is talking about is not interested in a baseball game. Your repetitive TV commercial -- the whole damn thing -- is enough to leave The Babe, Willie, Mickey, Joe and The Duke clearly blushing.  Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, over-and-out!


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