Saturday, December 23, 2017

Historical Holiday Greetings

Ancestors Speak

Merry Christmas and a 
very Happy New Year!

From Stephen III, David, Mark, and Ruth --
and Our Four Great Grandfathers 

 Paternal Great Grandfather Dominick Poceus-Paul (1868-1937)
Born Janapole, Telsiai, Lithuania; Died - Aged 69, Whitesboro, Oneida County, NY

Paternal Great Grandfather Edward William Moegling (1860-1921)
Born Utica, Oneida County, NY; Died - Aged 61, New York Mills, Oneida County, NY 

Maternal Great Grandfather Emile W. Ouellet (1854-1946)
Born Hebertville, Ouebec, Canada; Died - Aged - 92, Tupper Lake, Franklin County, NY 

Maternal Great Grandfather Joseph Seney Sr. (1857-1913)
Born Saint Pie, Quebec, Canada; Died in Accident Aged 56, Herkimer, Herkimer County, NY

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Questions On The Legitimacy Of Surname Paul

Our Great Grandparent's Monument, Saint George Lithuanian Catholic Cemetery, Wood Road, Whitesboro, NY 

We have no known aboriginal or Native American roots... ancestry is 100% European, at least per our AncestryDNA ethnicity estimate.  Paternal Grandfather Stephen Paul Sr. (no middle name), d.1982, was born March 1890 in Lithuania as Stefan Poceus. The surname Poceus was never officially changed by a U.S. court, but family folklore suggests Stefan's dad -- Dominick Poceus wanted an American name when naturalized a USA citizen in March 1900, so he simply changed his surname to Paul (except in Utica-based St. George Lithuanian Catholic Church, where their use of Poceus surname continued in Church community records until death). The Poceus surname is on Dominick and his wife our Great Grandma Petronelli "Anna" Poceus' gravestone, this monument viewed at the top of this post.

Paternal Great Grandparents "Dom" and "Anna" Serva Poceus (ca: Abt. 1930)

But Paul is the surname on my dad's (Stephen Paul Jr.) and his childen's birth certificates, so I guess that's our legal surname. I've now communicated with a few dozen Ancestry DNA hits... all but a couple cousin respondents have been on my maternal-side... this fact seems a bit strange.

Paternal Grandparents Stephen and Bess Moegling Paul (ca: 1955)

Aged 18 Grandpa Stefan Poceus enlisted in the U.S. Army Coast Artillery Corps in 1908 for a three-year stint.  His enlistment papers show his name is Stephen Paul, born at Utica, Oneida County, NY -- his name and birthplace enlistment claims both are disingenuous statements (untrue claims), data that in the military today would be considered a fraudulent enlistment. Grandpa was Honorably Discharged from U.S. Army in 1911 on completion of enlistment. Grandpa's daughters Effie and Margaret (our dad's sisters) confirm their father would not speak of experiences in Lithuania, it is suspected his early childhood there was both dangerous and highly unhappy. He was obviously competent in verbal Lithuanian language, but would not teach his daughters the language despite their frequent pleadings. My older brother Steve III tells a story about a family fishing trip. Seems Grandpa rode shotgun as our dad was driving. The boys, brothers and cousins sat in the back. I must have been aged about five, and began to pester Grandpa about his birth country... Grandpa did not reply, stirring in his seat. I kept up the long questions, as dad evidently turned toward the back seat and gave brother Steve and concerned dirty look... as if to non-verbally tell him to shut me up. Guess that paternal "stop it" look must have worked. Another funny family tale is that Grandpa's younger sister, our fun-loving Grand Aunt Rosie, taught his wife and our Grandma Bess several dirty words and uncomplimentary phrases in the Lithuanian language. Seems when Grandma Bess wanted to win a running family argument, she would shout out to Grandpa some learned disgusting Lithuanian phase... he would clam-up and walk off... Grandma had just won another ongoing family argument.         
I've basically started to question what I think I know about my genealogical paternal-side. Perhaps somewhere in the our past distant lineage, some other unknown guy had it in for one of my distant grandfathers *;) winking. And then too remembering, our mostly French DNA mom Lillian did like our milkman when I was a kid.  I do make an undocumented claim to Dr. Ron Paul as an Uncle (Uncle Ron the unsuccessful candidate for U.S. President in 2008) -- and his son Dr. Rand Paul as my cousin (Cousin Rand the U.S. Senator and unsuccessful candidate for USA President in 2016). However, I've stayed away from claiming that greatly skilled professional basketball player Chris Paul as a cousin*:) happy.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Don't Rush To Purchase A Scottish Kilt Wardrobe DNA "Ethnicity Estimates" Are Misleading; but, might be good for business. 

This post is meant to help new family genealogists with DNA result queries. No question TV ads, etc. go far to compound “newbie” genealogist confusion with their ethnicity estimate percentage calculations. That guy who switched to wearing Scottish kilts based on his Scottish Ancestry single figure DNA estimates, or that overweight black woman who evidently starts wearing African head-ware base on her African DNA estimate really slay me – a great disservice here by Ancestry DNA management. Nothing is certain in an Ancestry ethnicity estimate! The single figure percentage presented in Ancestry's "Ethnicity Estimate" is developed from a probable calculated range... it is an uncertain and somewhat likely ESTIMATE!  

For example, my personal Ancestry DNA geographical area "Scandinavia" is estimated at 9%, developed from an algorithm where my personal DNA actual range from Scandinavia is 0%-21%; whereas, my "Ireland" estimate at 26% is developed from a 15%-36% possible DNA range. All single figure estimates are developed from a range that can be viewed in your Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Estimate by clicking "View Your Genetic Estimate" button -- "Show 3 more Regions" -- then click the specific region to view the full range of possibility. Additionally, in this expanded view, one can easily see that "Great Britain" for example – actually expands possible DNA sources beyond Great Britain to include most of France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, and The Netherlands. All Ancestry DNA specific geographical areas can be expanded in this way to include far greater surrounding lands than suggested by their single area estimate.

Also, when working back in your ancestry a half-dozen generations or more, the "DNA match" presented by these DNA ethnicity tests confirm little about your actual ancestry. These numbers as related to individuals in your distant past are not "DNA Verification" of true family connection -- such matches simply state there is a limited probability of DNA connection. At best, the Ancestry DNA geographic region can create a warm feeling that your genealogical paper research is on the right track. But perhaps this possible DNA region match actually originates from distant sources presently unknown to the tested person. Here again, an TV ad where a fifty-something woman claims discovery of her previously unknown 26% Native-American ancestry is highly suspect. How can this be?  First, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, this single figure geographic estimate percentage is likely developed from a far wider 10%-to-40% range of probability. The most Christian answer is this new found Native American lady was adopted and never knew her actual blood-related ancestors identity.  Or, a less Christian possibility... it might be one or more of her distant ancestors is actually Native American, where her paper ancestor(s) were not responsible for planting her pre-birth seeds. 

Oh, right... forgot... my bad... forgive me... all our distant ancestors were each pure as the fresh driven northern snows... nothing to see here... no funny business of a sexual nature ever happened in past times. Don't tell this to a parish priest with a locate Catholic Church in Herkimer, NY who refuses involvement in family genealogy research, this due to his experience where in a few past cases some hurtful nasty information about a researcher's actual documented ancestry was found written in his historical church records.         

Note: The kilted Scottish guy image displayed at the top of this post is based on an edited Internet-based image captured by simple Google search and displayed here in accordance with "free use" copyright provisions for non-profit educational purposes only. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Open Letter To Sub-President Chuck Schumer On Russian Collusion

Byline: So Many Fools In The Swap

Dear Senator Schumer:

Looking for Russian collusion -- try these facts on for size:

Remember when Donald Trump was business partners with the Russian government and his company got $53,000,000 from the Russian government investment fund called Rusnano, that was started by Vladimir Putin, and is referred to as "Putin's Child?" Oh wait... that wasn't Donald Trump, it was John Podesta!
( Click To See: Rusnano )

Remember when Donald Trump received $500,000 for a speech in Moscow and paid for by Renaissance Capital, a company tied to Russian Intelligence Agencies? Oh wait... not The Donald... that was Bill Clinton, done when his wife Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State!

Remember when Donald Trump approved the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium deposits to the Russians while he was Secretary of State which gave control of it to Rosatom the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation? Oh wait... not The Donald... that was Hillary Clinton!

Remember when Donald Trump lied about that and said he wasn't a part of approving the deal that gave the Russians 20% of our uranium, but then his emails were leaked showing that he did lie about it? Oh wait... not The Donald... that was Hillary Clinton and John Podesta!

Remember when Donald Trump received hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars from shareholders of the uranium company sold to the Russians? Oh wait... not The Donald... that was Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation!

Remember when Donald Trump accepted millions in donations from Russian Oligarchs like the chairman of a company that's part of the Russian Nuclear Research Cluster, the wife of the mayor of Moscow, and a close pal of Vladimir Putin? Oh wait... not The Donald... that was the Clinton Foundation!

Remember when Donald Trump failed to disclose all those donations before becoming the Secretary of State, and it was only discovered when a journalist went through Canadian tax records? Oh wait... right, not The Donald.. forgot that... it was Hillary Clinton!

Remember when Donald Trump told Mitt Romney that the 1980's called and it wanted its Russian policy back. The Cold War is over! Oh wait... again, not The Donald, that was former President Barack H. Obama!


Reference:  An unattributed email from unnamed reliable government and private sources... similar to sources used by NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and The New York Times.  

DJ Paul of German Flatts, NY 

Monday, May 1, 2017

** Yes, I'm a baseball fan! **

I watch a lot of Major League Baseball Network, Channel 213 on DirecTv Satellite HDTV provider. But recently, viewers can't get away from the frequent Viagra “single pack” commercials on baseball's Channel 213. That one particularly annoying commercial featuring an experienced, blue dress clad, smiling 40+ish female who touts the Viagra product aimed at those wanting to watch a baseball game and who -- I guess -- are apparently simultaneously troubled with ED.  My gosh... you're making my hair hurt with these way too often spot commercials.

It is strongly suspected the pretty smile on that handsome gal's face is there because she actually is the happy neighborhood widow who lives a few doors down from the grateful Viagra user's home.  He being an obvious billiards fan.

NEWSFLASH to Viagra:  that ED guy this gal is talking about is not interested in a baseball game. Your repetitive TV commercial -- the whole damn thing -- is enough to leave The Babe, Willie, Mickey, Joe and The Duke clearly blushing.  Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, over-and-out!


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

*******A Black Knight On Black Night Story********

The Ursus Americanus

Last Spring we experienced some unwelcome bird feeder damages – not then a total wipe-out or great deal of damage – yet significant enough damage to make that Tractor Supply trip to purchase a larger catch-and-release trap seen on a previous trip. Hopes were then high the guilty party critter was not the skunk seen wondering around our property foraging for something to eat. The first night a large female raccoon was caught in the new trap. Next night noted nothing was trapped, but our wildlife camera snapped a couple shots of two smaller raccoon – suspects no doubt looking for their relocated mom. Caught them both, one each over the next two nights – all were relocated to a nicely wooded area several miles up the road. We suspect the younger coons found their mom.

Six days ago our bird feeding area was wiped out. Three woodpecker suet feeders found destroyed and a fourth was missing, ripped from the tree to which it was strongly wired. All three of the black sunflower seed feeders were down from their mounts, one of these a larger one-gallon capacity version was missing. A property search did not locate this bird feeder. In total the damages last week seemed significantly more than that caused by a family of raccoon.

Sooooooo, put out the wildlife camera last Friday evening pointing toward the bird feeding station in hopes to image that offending culprit. Note: for prospective, the mid-sized catch-and-release trap dimensions are 11+inches x 10+inches x 32+inches. Only three blurred shots were captured, two stern shots (an obvious male culprit), and one as the suspect began standing on rears to go for the bird feeders strung between two metal fence poles.

Could not believe our eyes – here are those images shot early Saturday morning, April 15, 2017 (a little after 12 midnight):

Any attempts claiming this is DJ in a rented black bear (Ursus Americanus) suit shall be met with a swift unlike 😎 . Obviously, our wildlife camera model does a poor job at night-time imaging of swift moving targets. More effort over the past few nights to shoot some clearer images showing a return visit have not succeeded. Hopefully this Black Knight culprit went on his way and shall not return.

Friday, March 31, 2017

DirecTv: Unending advertisements interlaced with massively marginal programming.

A cold rain here today in Central New York State. We are less than ten hours from April First – better known as April Fool's Day around these parts. Snow and ice fell this morning, Ma Nature is playing games again and more snows predicted for the morning. So did some messing around on the Internet it being too miserable to go outside. Then sat down to watch a bit of TV this afternoon. We have DirecTv satellite TV provider here in this rural Town of German Flatts location. Those couple hundred channels DirecTv “provider” sends are mostly insignificant and UN-watchable junk. Not a single program on now – not a thing is view-able by these old eyes.

The words almost every uses when approaching our home west-side deck – “what a beautiful view!” – and this is true. It is the main reason we purchased this property a dozen years ago. After considerable site work, it wasn't until our 28' x 36' garage was under construction in the second year of land ownership it became clear there was no AC power out front on our country road. Cost an unplanned couple grand+ to have Niagara Mohawk Power route some electric juice into our new place. Also unknown when this property was purchased – there is no cable TV provider like Time Warner around here and checks confirm there is seemingly no hope to ever get such competitive TV or Internet services. Further, there is one and only one land line telephone provider and ISP here – this being the dreaded Verizon. My gosh, what a non-choice indeed we must buy from a single source. These oversights were neglected service considerations when locating this building site far out of town.

Having vented enough on this, let me refocus this rant for a moment on DirecTv. Not much to do last weekend since easily two feet of the near 40 inches of snow deposited on us ten days past still prevents any meaningful outside activity. So decided to sit a while and watch a couple movies on DirecTv. Had noted earlier last week the “Godfather” series was scheduled for presentation. Oh great, something to do and watch this day! But here is the sad tale. First, DirecTv announces the films are cropped to fit our TV and chopped to fit their allotted run-times. Almost universally, the altered films run for less than eight minutes, followed then by four and a half minutes of commercials – over and over, sometimes as many as thirteen different commercials within these very frequent commercial breaks. Needless to say, the extensive and lengthy commercial breaks, coupled with an already altered film makes the viewing basically UN-enjoyable and far less interesting. After all, it is so believable when the various “F-bombs” are deleted from intense gangster communication. My gosh.

So, if readers plan to watch some DirecTv programming this weekend, here's some sage advice. Get your popcorn, loosen your pants, bend over, and prepare to take a hit on the butt. All this because a multitude of TV commercials are coming your way – commercials enough to make a senior saint scream in disgust.

Note to DirecTv management: Your claims to hold over thirty million subscribers logically gives you the collective corporate power numbers to insist that your program providers very significantly reduce the length and frequency of TV commercials interspersed within shows, and in particular those commercials presented within classic movie presentations.  DirecTv in concert with other similar firms have the collective power to better control program providers like AMC, et. al. to thus deliver better TV content to many millions of subscribers.