Friday, June 1, 2018

Cemetery Upkeep Unacceptable

Stevens Cemetery Front Gate Signage

Six southern Schoharie County and northern Delaware County cemeteries (New York State) were visited on Traditional Memorial Day, May 30, 2018.  I'm happy to report that our many ancestor's monuments located here remain in good shape.  And all but one cemetery seem to be well-maintained by highly concerned caretakers.  The single exception is Harpersfield Rural Cemetery (aka: Stevens Cemetery).  Stevens Cemetery is found in a neglected state; whereas, it is apparent the grounds have not been mowed in 2018.  Further, several mounds of autumn leaves are piled along the southern high rock wall fence, likely left there since late fall 2017.  The good news here is that the several known U.S. Miltary Veterans interred at Stevens Cemetery all had an earned freshly placed new American Flag affixed to their graves.  But the high grasses of this cemetery lawn fundamentally and disgustingly nearly cover these earned American Flags. This condition represents a high dishonor to those many Revolutionary War, Civil War, and various World War Veterans interred here. 

Cemetery view from inside front gate, dated 30 May 2018.

Stevens Cemetery maintenance is supported by a significant endowment for perpetual care of cemetery grounds.  The cited cemetery care endowment is presumed administered by some appointed competent authority, an authority who has failed in presumed cemetery oversight responsibility.

Marginal cemetery maintenance at Stevens is an ongoing problem noted over the past several years, but this year has reached a totally unacceptable level of neglect.  The cemetery perpetual care administrators are respectfully and forcefully asked to take swift action to engage a more patriotic and care-minded paid cemetery maintenance crew. The current Stevens Cemetery maintenance situation is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!  Simply put, for goodness sake -- a detailed cemetery lawn maintenance activity must be done about one week (+/- a couple days) PRIOR to Memorial Day!

Presented below are a few gravesite photos dated 30 May 2018.  Note:  The weed-eating noted was done by the post author using a limited battery-operated device on the morning of Traditional Memorial Day 2018.  

Revolutionary Soldier Captain James Smith, his wife Mary Hubbard, their son Nehemiah and wife Hannah Guernsey and family.

Graves of Colonel Joel Mack and wife Susannah.

Revolutionary War Soldier James Smith Jr. and wife Elizabeth Shailer.  James is the son of aforementioned Captain James and Mary Hubbard Smith. 

Respectfully submitted,

DJ Paul, CWO4 (ret.)
United States Navy
German Flatts, NY, USA


Friday, May 4, 2018

Sunday, April 29, 2018

This Just Is Not Right...

On my ATV yesterday proceeding to the back lot to tend our new Norway Spruce Tree plantings.  So what is that blob in the center of our grove of Pussy Willow Trees?  A close-up image shows we now seem to have a porcupine taking up residence near our evidently tasty Pussy Willows.  This needled-thief is observed cutting the tree new growth, enjoying some in place and tossing the rest to the ground for a suspected later night feeding.     


Okay, we love watching our many resident local wildlife species, but not so sure about this individual.  Well, he (or hopefully not she with young ones) has tentatively been named with the working-title "Porky" -- unhappily seen this individual a couple times now.  There are a few woodchuck dens just north of this Pussy Willow Grove -- we're hoping this critter has not taken up residence in one of these holes.  Oh well, this is the price of living in a place with a mile+ of virgin woods to our west and another two miles of eastward woodlands.   


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Honors To This Generation's Great-Grandmothers

Fifty Norway Spruce Trees will be planted in a clearing off our western woods in the Town of German Flatts, Herkimer County, NY, USA. The containerized seedling spruce trees were purchased from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Tree Nursery in Saratoga Springs, NY, USA.  The baby tree plantings are scheduled between Earth Day (22 Apr  2018) and Arbor Day (27 Apr 2018), with honors and grateful thanks to the fond memory of our generation's four great-grandmothers. And as Mother's Day 2018 approaches on Sunday, May 13, it is certainly as important to acknowledge the strongly important role these fine ladies played in our ancestral family history. Without their high dedication to family, we obviously would not be present to post these thankful thoughts today.    


Our mom's paternal Grandma Suzanne Agnes (LaLonde) Wagner Ouellet, born 8 Jun 1864 at Moose Creek, Ontario, Canada, the daughter of Alexis and Julienne (Campeau) LaLonde.  Miss Suzanne LaLonde married Emile W. Ouellet in Roman Catholic ceremonies at Roxborough, Ontario, Canada on 26 Sep 1887. The couple has six children: Ida, Alexander, Bertha, Ector, William, and Doris. Suzanne also has an older son John Wagner from her first marriage to Richard Wagner, Richard died unexpectedly at a young age in 1885. Suzanne died while living at a Tupper Lake, NY retirement property owned by her eldest daughter Ida on 14 Dec 1946. She is interred with her beloved husband of fifty-nine years Emile W. Ouellet (he died earlier in 1946) at Saint Alphonsus Cemetery in Tupper Lake, Franklin County, NY, USA.

Note: The Ouellet surname links our family directly to New France first settlers and our French colonial progenitor Rene' Ouellet (1635-1722).


Our mom's maternal Grandma Agnes "Angie" (Anderson) Seney, born 30 Oct 1863 at Campbellford, Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada, the daughter of James and Caroline Griselle (Kiernan) Anderson.  Miss Angie Anderson married Joseph Seney Sr. at Campbellford, Ontario, Canada on 18 Jun 1883, and the couple has twelve children: Lillian, Caroline, William, James, Adolphus, Clara, Minerva, Edna, Pearl, Mary-Ellen, Fannie, and Joseph Jr. Angie died 18 Jul 1938 at home in Ilion, Herkimer County, NY, USA.  She is interred with her beloved husband of thirty years Joseph Seney Sr. (he was killed in a December 1913 accident) at Oak Hill Cemetery, West German Street, Herkimer, Herkimer County, NY, USA.

Note:  Angie's parents James and Caroline hail from Scotland and Ireland respectively. 


Our dad's paternal Grandma Petronelli "Anna" (Serva) Poceus-Paul, born 2 Oct 1872 at Janapole, Telsiai, Lithuania, the daughter of Anthony and Petronella Serva.  Miss Anna Serva married Dominick "Dom" Poceus-Paul in 1889 Roman Catholic ceremonies at an unknown Lithuanian location. The couple emigrated to the United States and became USA naturalized citizens in 1900.  Anna and Dom have six children: Stephen, Peter, Anna, Stella, Matilda, and Alexander. She died 28 Dec 1951 at a hospital near home in Whitesboro, Oneida County, NY, USA.  Anna is interred with her beloved husband of forty-eight years Dominick Poceus-Paul (he died 1937) at Saint George Lithuanian Catholic Cemetery, Wood Road, Whitesboro, Oneida County, NY, USA.   


Our dad's maternal Grandma Effie Julia (Odell) Gorton Moegling, born 15 Oct 1862 at Summit, Schoharie County, NY, USA, the daughter of Albert and Elizabeth A. (Clegg) Odell. Miss Effie Odell married Edward William Moegling 4 Jul 1889 in Christian ceremonies in Utica, Oneida County, NY, USA. The couple has two children: Edna and Elizabeth.  She also has twin daughters Alice and Agnes from a previous marriage to Jim Gorton, that short marriage ended in divorce.  Effie died 9 Sep 1924 at home in New York Mills, Oneida County, NY, USA.  She is interred with her beloved husband of thirty-two years Edward Moegling (he died 1921) at Forest Hill Cemetery, Oneida Street, Utica, Oneida County, NY, USA.

Note: The Odell Lineage and the various more distant surnames off our Odell Line (Smith, Brainerd,  Hubbard, Stanton, Denison, etc.) take us back to our early-to-mid 1630 New England colonial progenitors.  

The four "Great Grandma Norway Spruce Trees" were planted on Arbor Day, April 27, 2018 in accordance with our plan.  In twenty years these trees will likely be about 25-to-39 feet tall.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Test takers have two choices.

Task: Identify the photo depicting the south end of a donkey walking north... 

Choice 1:

-- OR --

Choice 2:

Note:  Images displayed above were copied from simple Google search results, and are displayed here in accordance with the free-use provisions of copyright regulations and displayed here for non-profit educational use only. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

An Old Story Of Youthful Hunting

My buddies and I completed the required Hunter Safety Course at the local high school -- I must have been aged about twelve. The minimum age for course enrollment is eleven in New York. A legal hunting license can be purchased in New York State at age twelve, purchased only after successful completion of the aforementioned New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Hunter Safety Course. My friends and I were aged fourteen when first licensed for small game hunting. My father had taught me to safely handle and shoot small arms years before. As a farm kid growing up, I had been hunting woodchucks, varmints, and small game since about age ten, hunting alone in our fields using the family seven-shot bolt-action .22 caliber long rifle, and this with parents knowledge and permission. Youthful firearms education and training, under qualified guidance of a certified small arms instructor, should be considered necessary public policy under logic similar to common-sense rationale behind youthful driver education and defensive-driving training.

Reflecting now on the 1950's sight of three young men walking down main street in our hometown, all with unloaded shotguns – traveling a couple miles by foot to a local wooded hunting ground on village outskirts (to hunt an unlucky rabbit, squirrel, pheasant, etc.). Hunting big game would come later. I wonder what would happen today if three aged fourteen guys, armed with shotguns, were observed walking down a Main Street sidewalk? Admittedly, I'd probably be a bit concerned today, wondering what these youths are up to and holding a fair amount of uneasy questions at the sight. Times today have certainly changed.

The last time a semi-automatic M-16 Rifle was in my hands.
One slightly outside the black; score 49-of-50.

On a current firearms issue, I strongly favor arming qualified school teacher volunteers, folks not personally opposed to this U.S. Constitution-based principle. A simple no will due to those opposed... then just go away... no politics please... just say no and be on your way. Select volunteer small arms training candidates from educators who are military veterans, avid target shooters, or game hunters. Where these teachers cannot be found, recruit well-adjusted armed teacher candidates from those willing to be rigorously educated and trained in all manner of effective small arms use. Such school teachers are present in most schools without doing an extensive investigation. However, we do not need a school-yard Gestapo force administered by politician local county sheriffs. Furthermore, any state law restricting gun ownership to the over-aged-twenty-crowd is on its face probably unconstitutional and should be eventually found so by the Supreme Court Of The United States on clear Second Amendment grounds.

I'm proud to be a long-time member to the National Rifle Association, a strong advocate of private firearm ownership, and a firm supporter of those very clear twenty-seven words our nation's Founders provided in The Bill Of Rights; otherwise put, Amendment II to the United States Constitution.


A Chart, and something for liberals to ponder...

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Historical Holiday Greetings

Ancestors Speak

Merry Christmas and a 
very Happy New Year!

From Stephen III, David, Mark, and Ruth --
and Our Four Great Grandfathers 

 Paternal Great Grandfather Dominick Poceus-Paul (1868-1937)
Born Janapole, Telsiai, Lithuania; Died - Aged 69, Whitesboro, Oneida County, NY

Paternal Great Grandfather Edward William Moegling (1860-1921)
Born Utica, Oneida County, NY; Died - Aged 61, New York Mills, Oneida County, NY 

Maternal Great Grandfather Emile W. Ouellet (1854-1946)
Born Hebertville, Ouebec, Canada; Died - Aged - 92, Tupper Lake, Franklin County, NY 

Maternal Great Grandfather Joseph Seney Sr. (1857-1913)
Born Saint Pie, Quebec, Canada; Died in Accident Aged 56, Herkimer, Herkimer County, NY